Grigor Yeghiazaryan

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I have been a single developer working on my side projects for the last two years and I should admit that I have not been productive during this period. Procrastination hit me too.

It’s very likely to get off track and leave projects unfinished when you are on your own.Working with a co-founder produces better results. But what to do if you are a single founder?

I think I found the key. It’s a simple and beautiful way to overcome procrastination and stay focused.

You just need to find someone who you can report to. Right, that’s it.

It can be a friend, a family member, a co-worker. Someone who cares about you and your work enough to read your status reports and give feedback. And someone whose opinion about your performance is very important to you.

In my case that someone is my girlfriend. And this produces fantastic results. We both care about each other. She reads my reports every day and tracks the progress. And I feel motivated to get the work done each and every day. In addition she’s is in the target audience which makes her more excited. And she’s not a technical person which forces me to write the reports in human readable way and which helps me to focus on the most important things.

I have been practicing this for two months now and it totally works for me. I’m more focused, more productive and result-oriented. I’m un-procrastinated!