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Why I Write

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The simple answer is because I feel I need to. But you are here not for that answer.

There are many write-ups about why should someone blog. They cover both objective and subjective benefits of blogging. This is not a generalization of these ideas. I want to tell about my personal reasons, the ones to which I came myself while learning through living my life.

Here are 5 reasons from the top of my head:

I get it better if I write it down

Since college years I noticed that when I write my ideas I get them better. Later I realized how it works.

When you write about something you need to think of every detail of it, make logical connections between pieces and represent it in a simple, readable form. And while performing these steps you think about the subject deeper, from different angles and as a result you get it better.

Since then whenever I want to crack complex subjects down I write them.

Writing improves my writing skills

I want to be good at English writing. Not good, even better.

The single most effective way of mastering something is constant practicing. And how do you practice writing? Right, by writing. But people normally don’t write much during the day, of course if that’s not what they do for living. I also don’t write much at my job.

So blogging makes a perfect sense to me for improving my writing skills.

I want to share my knowledge

Really, I want to share what I know to help others.

And I truly believe that it is also for my own sake. If people around me know as much as I do, then I need to learn even more to catch them up. This is a little secret tool to keep me in constant learning loop.

Actually I think knowledge sharing is a powerful motivator for constant learning.

I want people to know me

Ideally when meeting new people I would let them know my blog’s URL and they could learn about me eventually. In reality no one is going to read all the stuff I’m putting up here. Even if some of them do, I’m not going to write about everything.

But the blog can be used to express my opinion on a particular subject. Whenever they want my opinion on a subject, a blog post can be the answer. And the URL of the post can be thrown in for discussion. I find this an effective way of getting others to know me.

I want to get followers

I would like to be famous. Not kind of star-famous. Simply get like-minded people to read my blog regularly. Why do I need this? Come on, you know why. Read the about page again, I’m bootstraping my startups and I need to spread the word.

I belive if I post interesting and quality content regularly I may have a chance to get my followers.